Intown Massage
with Joan Sinrich, Licensed Massage Therapist


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Joan gave me the best massage I've ever had!
I've had massages from more people than I can count, and in lots of different countries, too, and I can say that - hands down, with utter certainty - Joan gave me the best professional massage I've ever had. I loved it. Big thumbs up. - Laurie M.

I appreciate everything Joan does to make my overall experience wonderful. I've been on various occassions, and it's consistently amazing; she listens well, checks in to may sure things are comfortable, and definitely paid attention to what I needed. I will keep coming back! - Meaghan

Wonderfully Relaxing and Attentive.
Joan did a very thorough job with my massage. All the questions asked in the pre-massage survey made it seem like a personalized experience. She also worked on a part of my leg that gives me particular trouble, at my request. I would definitely go back! -Jennifer L.

Fabulous Massage!
Joan has been working on my neck and shoulders because of my repetitive stress injuries from working on a computer for so many years. From the very first session, she relieved much of the pain. Thanks, Joan for making my life more pain free and enjoyable! - Alisa D.

I have only been to Joan twice for massage. Each time has been spectacular. In fact these have been my only real massages ever. The bar has now been set very high. I reccomend anyone who is in need of some true therapy to visit. - Dominic B.

Joan is a really gifted massage therapist. I followed recommendations when my usual therapist in Noe Valley was completely booked. She was funny and thoughtful, and asked great questions at the beginning. More so, she didn't back away from what surely looked like a challenge, as I walked in the door after finishing a particularly trying quarter at work and probably looked like a sizzling ball of stress with a crazed fixed smile on my face. The best word I could use to describe Joan's style is "deliberate." She located a knot that was linked to countless lifts of heavy bags into overhead bins and hours at the computer, and went at it with dogged determination for at least ten or fiftteen minutes until it was gone. Most massage therapists seem to get bored with this kind of challenge, or feel like they should move on after a while to cover the usual circuit included in an hour-long booking, but thankfully Joan understood my chronic shoulder pain was probably sourced from here and was going to show this knot exactly who was boss. I was so impressed with her patience. Highly recommended for yourself, or for a gift certificate to a friend or client. - Jill C.

Joan was wonderful. She made me feel completely at ease. I will be coming back! - Ashtyn

I think it's great that minutes I paid for starts when the actual massage begins, not when you register. Thank you to Joan for making me so comfortable for my very first massage! See you again soon! - Jennifer D.

Joan has the most incredible, gentle but firm hands that I have ever encountered. She listens to you and makes sure she does exactly what you want, with the perfect amount of pressure that you desire. The whole experience was lovely...relaxing and calm. I am happy to recommend it to my friends (& I have already done so). It is the perfect massage experience! - Dee-Dee S.

Fantastic massage.
I especially noticed how her hands rarely ever left my body which somehow felt even more therapeutic, to know that she was constantly engaged. Sometimes I feel sore the day after massages, but not this time--just felt relaxed and unwound. - Lisa K.

Joan was so nice, easy to talk to, and put me at ease right away. I thought she did an amazing job with the massage, and I was completely relaxed the entire time. So nice, and not snooty or pretentious in any way, which I really appreciate. I will definitely visit her for massage on a regular basis. - Jennifer G.

This was an incredible massage.
Joan has magic hands and is an incredible listener. I felt that her only goal was to make me feel relaxed and she was wonderful about checking in with me in regards to my comfort level and the strength of the massage itself. I am thinking about making a visit with Joan as a monthly treat to myself. Thank you so much. I am recommendin this experience to everyone I know. - DS

I'm going to make this short and sweet.  This is hands down the best place for a massage.  I'm the pickiest person so that says a lot. Joan gave an amazing massage. Extremely kind and attentive as to what I wanted. Everyone should come here. I'm telling all my friends about it.  Thank you!!!!! - DH

I am so in my head about my body that it's been 20 years since my last massage but the huge knots in my lower back recently forced me to admit that I needed to get over myself and get help. After finding so many positive reviews, I felt confident enough to make an appointment for a 45 minute massage with Joan.  From the moment I walked through the door, I felt completely at ease and relaxed.  Joan was great.  She asked all the right questions about what I expected, what I felt I could tolerate given my condition and made sure that the enviornment (temperature, music, lighting, etc.) worked for me. She expertly varied the pressure she used and was very adept at reading my responses. After the massage, she got on the web and showed me which muscle of mine was so knotted. She spent time showing me an exercise I could do to help stretch it out. I was amazed. I certainly got much more than I expected. - Kassy A.

Joan was great!
I've had only two massages before and the woman didn't listen to anything I said. I talked with Joan before the massage and was completely comfortable during the entire session; she not only listened to my needs and concerns, but made sure they were her top priority. I will definitely be back for more massages and will continue to tell my friends about the great experience I had - Gabrielle G.

Joan is the absolute best! It was so good the last time that this time around I went for the 75min hot stone massage and it was incredible! I'll be back soon... - Mildred A.

Joan S. is a *great* massage therapist. I've had a lot of massages from a lot of different therapists in my life, and I think Joan might be my favorite ever. This is so satisfying to be able to say because she is a friend of mine, and it would be so awkward and unfortunate if I couldn't recommend her. Which I always knew I would be able to. But who knew she would become my favorite therapist ever? Others have mentioned how nurturing she is, and it's true--she has a very kind, comforting presence and is deeply respectful of her clients' wishes and of the relationship between client and therapist. But it's not just that--I really find her touch to be healing. She goes very deep with me (which I like), though I know she doesn't do that with everyone--not unless you want her to. She really tailors her work to whatever you like and your body needs, and I always emerge feeling much better for it. See Joan--she really cares how you are and will figure out just what you need to feel better! - Rachel S.

This was an amazing experience.
Being it was my first massage I didn't know what to expect but Joan put me at ease and made feel very comfortable. Joan also followed my instructions perfectly with respect to my sore spots to target. The quiet ambiance, the earthy smells, the warm towels, Joan's hands...I loved all of it. Overall, it was great great great, I couldn't stop talking about it all day long and I've convinced my husband and a couple of friends to give it a try. I'll be going back soon. - MA

Joan for Massage!
I've had several lovely massages from Joan. She's quite skilled at finding the tricky spots on my body, gave me a good Shiatsu a while back, and most recently gave me a great prenatal massage with lots of pillows. She's really good at feet and shoulders too! That and she has a warm and caring personality that comes through in her work! I'm seeing her again this week. - Pennifer

I had 2 massages from Joan, and they were both amazing! She had the most nurturing touch. She was very warm and caring, and it showed through her massage. I really felt that she was attuned to what I needed. Her pressure was just right in all the tender areas.  She knew how to work with the body and sensed all my tensions and blockages. I have a lot of knots between my neck and shoulders. Her massage was so good that I felt like pudding afterwards.  She definitely has magic hands.  I wish I can get a massage from Joan every week. Everyone I recommended her to loved her. I even sent my boyfriend. - Keffie

Another fantastic experience from Joan.
I was glad that she told me there is a 90-minute massage available since I had booked for the 75-minute. Joan's friendliness and flexibility had ensured me another delightful and invigorating massage. THANK YOU! - Lydia S.

I just had my third or fourth hot stone massage with Joan and I'll keep coming back.  She made me feel completely comfortable, checking on the temperature of the stones and the room and how I was feeling. She even checked to see if the music was okay (the nature CD is the best).  She checked to see if there were areas I wanted to work. The work on my shoulders and upper back was amazing; I didn't want it to ever stop. She is very adept at working on the places where you need it most.  At one of my massages, she really worked on my calves. She's fun and funny and very good at what she does. I can't say enough good things about the experience; it was, indeed, soothing. As an update, I've actually gone had a non-hot stone massage from Joan and it, too, was amazing. I highly recommend the longer massage; it's worth the extra dollars and I left there so relaxed that I didn't even mind going to the airport. - Jenn M.

I booked at appointment I got a gift certificate for the 75 minute hot stone massage for my birthday. I had no expectations. I thought Joan did an excellent job. She fully explained the hot stone massage process (this was my first) and I felt very comfortable the entire time.  She did a really good job of working out the knots in my shoulders and staying attune to my needs. I will definitely be back. - Alicia J.

The hot stone massage was great and worked out a lot of kinks. Joan was very professional and very aware and was constantly looking after my comfort THANKS JOAN! I will be back and I will tell others. - Steven B.

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