Intown Massage
with Joan Sinrich, Licensed Massage Therapist

Services and Rates

Massage is an investment in your health. Join my massage team and book today!

Online scheduling

$ 85  One Hour Massage
$100  75 Minute Massage
$115  90 Minute Massage
$145 Two Hour Massage
$145  Hot Stone Massage - Ninety Minutes

$225 - 3 One Hour Massages (save $30)
$270 - 3 Seventy-Five Minute Massages (save $30)
$315 - 3 Ninety Minute Massages (save $30)
$405 - 3 Two Hour Massages (save $30)

AromaTouch Technique & Massage*, featuring doTERRA essential oils
$115  One Hour AromaTouch Technique & Massage*
$145  Ninety Minute AromaTouch Technique & Massage*
Additional description found here Types of Massage

Chair Massage $30 for 30 minutes of chair massage. Outcall Chair Massage not currently available.

An additional 15 minutes of massage for every booked referral. 

Additional Costs
No additional fees for Pregnancy, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy or other modalities with the exception of Hot Stone Massage or Aromatouch Technique.  See Types of Massage for additional information.